The attorneys' partnership Jordan & Hall sees itself in the tradition of the law firm at the Federal Supreme Court, founded in 1953 by Dr. Georg Greuner and continued solely since 1978 by Dr. Oliver C. Brändel. In 1983 Götz Jordan became a partner in this law firm after receiving his license authorizing him as an attorney at the Federal Supreme Court. This attorney's partnership discontinued in 2000 when the law firm Jordan & Hall was founded because attorneys' partnerships with more than two attorneys are not permitted at the Federal Supreme Court; since that time an office community exists between the law firms Dr. Brändel and Jordan & Hall.

As attorneys at the Federal Supreme Court we are licensed and can only appear in this court (as well as in the other Supreme Courts of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Court of Justice). We are engaged in the remedies of appeals and the appeals against denial of leave to appeal, furthermore in appeals on points of law - in particular in patent and trademark matters - also in patent invalidity actions at the Federal Supreme Court and submission proceedings at the European Court of Justice. Our exclusive licensing at the Federal Supreme Court results in our engagement in subject matters of all civil divisions of this court whereby there exists a specific orientation in business law.